Working With the Tenors & Basses in Your Choir

Part 1: "Tone Quality & Intonation"


Dr. Jefferson Johnson


Join Dr. Jefferson Johnson as he shares a number of techniques and exercises designed specifically to improve the tone quality and intonation of male singers, high-school-aged and older.

This course, Working with the Tenors & Basses in Your Choir, tackles the two main issues facing most changed-voice male singers: tone quality and intonation.  Techniques for achieving pure vowels, proper placement, vowel modification, and register transition are demonstrated.  Exercises for negotiating the passaggio and lifting the soft palate are presented, along with some ideas for range extension and balance.  For intonation special attention is given to descending half-steps, including several exercises proven to be successful with male flatting. 




+ Soft Palate
+ Five Latin Vowels
+ Vowel Modification
+ Placement Issues
+ Head Position Problems

+ Descending 1/2 steps
+ Improving pitch perception
+ Register transition
+ Balance
+ Added 5th



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Working with the Tenors & Basses
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