2023 Conference

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Belonging is fundamental to being human. In our choirs, within our institutions, and as members of the greater chorus of humanity, belonging to a community means that each member is heard, understood, seen, and valued.

The 2023 National Conference in Cincinnati welcomed many of us in person to a place where we could celebrate our diversity and affinities, eliminate barriers, and inspire each other toward collective action ensuring that everyone feels they belong to our shared journey.

For those unable to join in person, select interest sessions are available online via Forward Motion. 

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"Seen. Accepted. Empowered."

Fostering social emotional learning in choral classrooms

with Philip E. Silvey

Students need to feel cared for and connected before they can learn in choral classrooms. To flourish, students need to feel seen, accepted, and empowered. By embedding social emotional learning into ensemble singing, students can gain key competencies relating to identity, belonging, and agency. 

In this session, Philip E. Silvey builds on the work of Scott Edgar to show how choral music classrooms are uniquely suited to help students develop socially and emotionally through music-making.

These learnings can be strategically planned and measured with outcomes that allow for the growth of the whole person through engagement in the art of choral singing.   

When you think back...

When you think back on singing in choir in school, what do you remember most? 

What is Social Emotional Learning? 

Learn about this process and how it applies to knowledge, skills, and more...

Why does it matter?

Learn how to help your students feel seen, accepted, and empowered.

How can teachers foster S.E.L. in choral classrooms? 

Not only how, but why, and what goals am I trying to achieve? 

Designing music learning experiences

to foster Social Emotional Learning within your existing framework. 


In what ways does an artist consider the impact of making decisions as part of the creative process?

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Navigating Mexican Choral Music & Recognizing Biased Performance Practices

with Ryan Fellman


This presentation aims to shed light on clichés related to the programming of Mexican choral music while providing ideas for the inclusion of repertoire beyond the stereotypical folk song. The session will include successful tactics and resources for the participants in the form of a handout with further enrichment on composers, websites, and sample concert programs. By the end of the session, participants will have gained familiarity with a newfound appreciation for vocal music by Mexican composers. This will enhance the learning experiences of our students, erase harmful tokenization, and aid in building bridges through meaningful connections in music. 

 Join the discussion...

Join Ryan Fellman as he aims to shed light on the clichés related to programming and more!

From Embarrassment...

...to empowerment! Ryan outlines his personal journey and how it led him to dive into this subject. 

What makes it Mexican? 

With varied audio examples, Ryan explores a possible reframing of a stereotypical aural perception. 

How did we get here?

And how is promotional language by publishers exacerbating the problem at hand? 

What's next?

Ryan addresses this question with real-life examples and strategies for success.  

What's your role?

How can you, as a consumer of choral content, affect positive change in this area?

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