Learn More, Earn More

graduate credit onward Dec 16, 2022

Learn More, Earn More

Take your teaching and your salary to the next level!

According to research by the National Education Association, when adjusted for inflation, average teacher salaries are lower today than they were ten years ago.

And while many of those factors are outside of your control, one thing that IS under your control is your ability to advance within your district's salary scale. 

Simply put, in most school districts around the country, the best way to earn more is to learn more. 

However, only a small percentage of graduate credit coursework available is created for music teachers.

That's why we created Forward Motion.

Why Forward Motion? 

1: "Created by educators for educators"

Just take a look at our course catalog and you'll see that this is no ordinary roster of educators.

These are the people you line up to see present at conferences.

These are the composers and arrangers you see on your sheet music.

These are the authors of the books sitting on your shelf. 


2: "Affordability" 

At only $185 per credit, you could do your full BA+15 or MA+15 and, in many districts, you would earn back what you paid in the first year!

With over 25 credits available, all through a fully-accredited university affiliate, you'll not only make more but take your teaching to the next level. 


3: "Flexibility"

We offer rolling enrollment so you can start anytime that works in your schedule. Plus, you have a full 365 days to complete the course.

You're busy. We get it. 


4: "Don't take my word for it..."

Just see what Amy from Minnesota said about it:

"Finally, a worthwhile way to earn Graduate Credits post Masters!  I was often frustrated taking classes that had little to do with teaching choir, however, the classes here are GEARED toward working music educators.  I feel as though I am at the National Convention with these All-Star educators teaching via video. I would recommend 100%!  Fabulous investment!"



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