"Getting Your Musical Produced" with Ashley Griffin


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Congratulations! You've written your dream show! 
So, what comes next?

In this course, award-winning actor, director, writer, and educator, Ashley Griffin, will take you through everything they don't teach you about getting your musical up and running.

Learn how to refine your materials, find a producer, discover secrets of the development process and navigating feedback, and what it's actually like on the opening night of your first commercial production. 

Course Outline

Session 1: You've Written an Amazing Musical. What Happens Now?

Session 2: You've Polished Your Show! What are the Next Steps?

Session 3: Pitching Your Show

Session 4: Getting a Lead Producer

Session 5: The Wonderful World of Feedback

Session 6: Getting A Team

Session 7: Preproduction & Production Realities

Session 8: Further Development

Session 9: You've Opened on Broadway!

Session 10: Closing Thoughts & Additional Resources

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