Teaching Voice for Musical Theater

with vocal coach

Adam K. Roberts


This course is intended for voice teachers, vocal coaches, musical directors, accompanists, secondary school teachers, and others seeking to learn and apply foundational approaches to musical theatre voice pedagogy.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the unique vocal needs of musical theatre performers-in-training
  • Identify challenges commonly encountered in working with the voice in musical theatre contexts
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of vocal hygiene and vocal health practices
  • Approach a first voice lesson or coaching session with a musical theatre student in a purposeful way
  • Research appropriate song repertoire for a musical theatre performer-in-training
  • Implement principals of stylistic framing in coaching musical theatre performance
  • Coach a musical theatre performer through the basics of acting a song
  • Identify considerations of vocal technique for musical theatre performance
  • Discuss primary differences between the role of a voice teacher/studio coach and a production vocal coach

Course Outline

Session 1: Setting the Stage

Session 2: Trap Doors

Session 3: Vocal Health Spotlight

Session 4: In the Studio: The First Session

Session 5: In the Studio: Repertoire

Session 6: Style Spotlight

Session 7: In the Studio: Acting

Session 8: Technique Spotlight

Session 9: Production Vocal Coaching

Session 10: Curtain Call



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