Dr. Stephen Sieck 

Dr. Stephen Sieck surveys some of the best choral conductors of our time to uncover "What, Why, & How" nationally-respected choirs consistently reach the highest levels of performance.  Through director dialogue, interviews with students, and observing live rehearsals, Dr. Sieck provides a comprehensive look at how these directors' approach:  recruitment, auditions, singer placement, rehearsal planning, vocal pedagogy, intonation, kinesthetic learning, and choral culture.  Dr. Sieck reveals that it is not merely location or financial support that produces results; instead, well-intentioned practices and processes lead to rewarding performances and committed singers.
This course is of significant value to any director interested in creating long-term programmatic goals, prioritizing curricular objectives for the ensemble, and refining their own leadership strategy.


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Session 1

"How Do We Define 'The Best'?"

Session 2

"Iowa State University & St. Olaf College"

Session 3

"University of Michigan & Michigan State University"

Session 4

"University of Kentucky & University of Louisville"

Session 5

"Penn State & University of Southern California"

Session 6

"Lessons to Learn"

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