Science of Ensemble:

The subconscious processes involved in group music making


Dr. Gary Seighman 


Join educator and conductor Gary Seighman, Director of Choral Activities at Trinity University, as we explore the practical takeaways of what the latest science has uncovered about the nature of group music making. There are forces among our singers that can directly inform our pedagogy and conducting gesture for more authentic musical collaboration.

We conductors have always known that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and now we can prove it!


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Session 1


Session 2

"Emotions Are Contagious"

Session 3

"Choral Inertia"

Session 4

"The Buffering Brain"

Session 5

"Facial Expressions are a 2-Way Street"

Session 6

"Thought Gestures"

Session 7

"Choir IQ"

Session 8

"Paradigm Shift"




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