A Real & Practical Approach to Directing Musical Theater


Gabriel Barre


Join Gabriel Barre, American director & actor, for ten 30-minute sessions on the things you need to know when directing a show. This course focuses on process, relationships, collaboration, and the practical steps to mounting a production of any size or scale from top to bottom whether for a (hopefully) long run or for just one performance - from day one to opening night! 

Course Outline

Session 1: Why? What is a Director?

Session 2: What? What Do I Do First?

Session 3: Who? Assembling the Team

Session 4: What If? The Design Process

Session 5: Next! The Casting Process

Session 6: Getting Ready. Rehearsal Prep & Research

Session 7: Here We Go! First Day of Rehearsal

Session 8: Try It! The Rehearsal Process

Session 9: Take It From The Top. The Technical Rehearsal Process

Session 10: Let It Go. The Final Rehearsals & Opening Night



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