Cultivating an Inclusive
Choral Community

Empathy & Critical Discourse

Eugene Rogers and Derrick Fox

Graduate Level
Credits / Units

2 or 3

Course Term

Video instruction & assignments
must be completed within
9 months of registration.

Course Code

EDUX 9126

Price Per Credit



Course Description:

Unpacking bias in our curriculum and, inherently, ourselves is a difficult but necessary process to foster an inclusive educational community and remove systematic barriers to learning.  Drs. Eugene Rogers and Derrick Fox, together with Forward Motion Professional Development, graciously share their experiences and knowledge to help others become more culturally aware to advocate for marginalized populations in the classroom through 15 video lectures.  Students will learn terminology that allows us to articulate today’s issues so that they may affirm, acknowledge, and take action to break the cycle of oppression and support diversity equity.  Topics of discussion include repertoire, conductor preparation, vulnerable conversations, audition process, the impact of finances on equality of opportunity, and inclusive pedagogy.  Students may choose to earn additional credit by completing text-book research and writing. 

This course is intended for music educators at any point in their career.  No pre-requisite required.  Students will need internet access to complete online video content available at, basic word-processing skills, and basic publishing skills (Powerpoint, Publisher, etc.).  Depending on the student’s learning and credit goals, we recommend the purchase of Teaching With Respect: Inclusive Pedagogy for Choral Directors by Stephen Sieck as detailed in the syllabus.


Course Outcomes:

Students will…

  • Understand terminology to discuss issues of equity
  • Reflect on their individual role in achieving equity
  • Analyze barriers to equitable education
  • Develop pedagogical practices to combat marginalization of diverse groups of people
  • Explore repertoire of Black musicians


Course Components:

This course includes online video lectures, prescribed comprehension response questions, reflection essays, infographics, and optional independent text-book research.  All components will be found on  All completed coursework should be submitted online via the interactive Forward Motion module available immediately after registration and sign-in.  Students must receive a passing grade to receive university credit by earning “acceptable” or “excellent” on each assignment rubric.


Forward Motion awards academic credit in partnership with Dominican University of California.  Graduate-Level Extension Semester Credits/Units are primarily used for professional development or salary advancement and are transferable to degree programs only on the approval of the institution being petitioned.  The words credits and units are used interchangeably as geographical locations vary in terminology.  Participants are advised to obtain prior employer approval for use in salary advancement.  Dominican University of California is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).


2 Credits / Units


  • Online video lectures
  • Comprehension response questions
  • Reflection essays
  • Infographics


3 Credits / Units


  • Online video lectures
  • Comprehension response questions
  • Reflection essays
  • Infographics
  • Independent textbook research

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