Acknowledgement, Affirmation
& Action:

"Cultivating an Inclusive Choral Community"


Dr. Derrick Fox


Join Dr. Derrick Fox, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, to explore strategies and language that will support the varied lived experiences of your students, and learn actionable steps that support Diversity, Equity, Access, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Unpacking the bias in our curriculum and in ourselves is a difficult process but a necessary journey in creating and fostering an inclusive choral community. In this presentation, Dr. Derrick Fox will present concepts that help you ACKNOWLEDGE your biases (personal and curricular) with the hopes that you will identify blind spots that may minoritize and marginalize singers in your ensembles or classrooms, outline methods that support the AFFIRMATION of varied lived experiences represented in your ensembles and offer ACTION steps that break the cycle of oppression and support diversity equity, inclusion, access, and belonging. Our journeys are unique and this presentation is intended to be a starting place not and final chapter for your work towards creating an inclusive choral community.


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