A Conductor's Guide to

Francesco Durante's 


Dr. David Rayl


Is there life beyond the Vivaldi Gloria, Schubert Mass in G, and Haydn Little Organ Mass?

In this dynamic instructional video, Dr. David Rayl, director of choral programs at Michigan State University, will convince you that the Durante Magnificat should be on your next program.

Francesco Durante’s Magnificat in B-flat Major for Chorus and String Orchestra is a wonderfully varied work from the early 18th century—an excellent accessible alternative to the much-performed Vivaldi Gloria.

This course takes interested conductors through each movement, offering suggestions as to interpretive approach but also encouraging the viewer to ask their own questions about the score and determine their own answers.


Course Outline

Session One: Introduction

Session Two: Movement 1

Session Three: Movement 2

Session Four: Movement 3

Session Five: Movement 4

Session Six: Movements 5 & 6 + Conclusion



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