First Principles Series

The Shape of Life:

The 'One-Day Fix' for Singing a Phrase



Join Dr. Brad Holmes as he thoughtfully considers musical phrasing by drawing parallels to the golden mean, golden proportion, and reflections from the shape of life found in compelling works of art. 

Dr. Holmes has led award-winning choirs at Millikin University and frequently appears as an acclaimed guest conductor and clinician across the United States and around the world.  His personal and musical leadership always demonstrates a reflection of life in the performances he leads.  With tension and repose as a foundation to musical phrasing, Dr. Holmes presents a fascinating kinship between musical structures and golden proportions like the Fibonacci Sequence and Logarithmic Spirals.  

Conductors will find this 30-minute video course to be refreshingly unique and a motivational resource for moving the music beyond pitches and rhythms. 



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