Arts Entrepreneurship


with composer Andrew Maxfield


Every artist is a small (or not-so-small) business, and those who embrace this reality fare much better than those who don't. Ironically, artists who spend years honing their craft often don't invest the same time and discipline in the business side of their success. This course helps artists make sense of their unique business models and chart a wise course towards a successful arts enterprise. 

General Course Outline

Module 1: Why Arts Entrepreneurship?

Module 2: How to Succeed

Module 3: Radical Definitions

Module 4: Entrepreneurship is a Repeatable Process

Module 5: "Doing" the Idea: Product & Marketing

Module 6: "Doing" the Idea: Sales

Module 7: Skill Cycle: Experimenting, Analyzing, & Adjusting

Module 8: Best Practices to Support Entrepreneurship-as-Process

Module 9: Putting It All Together



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