Producing the School Musical


Ruthie Martinez Tutterow


Ruthie Martinez Tutterow, retired Director of Fine and Performing Arts at Greensboro Day School, takes you through the entire process of putting on a successful school musical.  After sharing the #1 thing you need for success, she will take you through choosing a show, the licensing process and how they can help you, the preproduction process, auditions and casting, the rehearsal process, technical rehearsals, performances, and postproduction. She also shares some of her tips for working with actors in musicals.  You can pick up some great tips from an experienced director for making your school musicals shine! 

Course Outline

Session One: Introduction

Session Two: Choosing a Show & Licensing and Royalties

Session Three: Preproduction

Session Four: Auditions and Casting

Session Five: Production & Tips for working with actors

Session Six: Tech Week, Dress Rehearsals, & Publicity Ideas

Session Seven: Performances & Strike and Postproduction

Session Eight: Final Words & Further Resources



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