Programming for Change

Join Chris Maunu, Director of Choral Activities at Arvada West High School, as he shares strategies for creating a concert program that communicates a meaningful message. 



In this course, Chris Maunu  (Director of Choral Activities at Arvada West High School) shares how a school shooting threat led to a complete shift in his philosophy of concert programming: Programming for Change.

Through his story of constructing a concert program in response to this event, you will gain the tools necessary to create programming that deeply impacts the students, community, and beyond. 

General Course Outline

Part One: Rationale

  • Value of communicating a meaningful message through our art
  • Community Impact
  • Response to something directly impacting students

Part Two: Tools

  • Selecting repertoire
  • Strategies for enhancing and tying together chosen repertoire
  • Guidelines for creating a dramatic story through song

Part Three: Construction

  • Tools and strategies in action
  • Performance examples
  • Meaningful student engagement



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