Exploration & Execution:

Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina

by Giovanni Battista Martini


Join Rick Bjella as he shares valuable insights regarding the compositional techniques and structures employed by Martini in this beloved motet.  Moving to execution, Maestro Bjella discusses student assessment and recommends teaching techniques to enliven the performance and enhance the learning process.   

Maestro Bjella believes that the road to ensemble excellence is through a close relationship with the score and the performers.  In this first installment of Exploration and Execution, he provides a detailed analysis of Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina by Giovanni Battista Martini followed by suggestions for teaching strategy and assessment of learning.  Along the way, viewers receive a great review of Baroque style including a glossary of terms used in the presentation.  Conductors will find this video course to be very helpful in preparing themselves and the score for effective teaching and learning.

General Course Outline

Session One: Analysis

Session Two: Analysis

Session Three: Rehearsal Strategies

Session Four: Rehearsal Strategies

Session Five: Rehearsal Strategies

Session Six: Outcomes and Assessments



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