Expressive Singing: 
Telling the Story 


Lynne Rothrock


Join singer and arts educator Lynne Rothrock as she shares practical, step by step guidelines
for bringing greater emotional expression to your performances. 

As musicians and music educators, we spend so much of our time preparing the technical aspects of musical performances and sometimes gloss over the final steps that can bring additional emotion to the music and truly touch and engage our audiences. Expressive Singing: Telling the Story will take you through a series of steps and exercises that will help elevate your performances to a new level of emotional communication. 

General Course Outline

Session One: Remembering the Why
+ Song Selection

Session Two: Preparation
+ Questions to answer before we sing
+ What/who/where & why

Session Three: Text Analysis
+ Define form
+ Rewrite text
+ Monologue text
+ Trigger Word exercise
+ Sharpie exercise

Session Four: Musical Analysis
+ Define musical form
+ Tempo/Dynamics map
+ Emotional Peak = Musical Peak

Session Five: Presentation
+ Visual focus
+ Facial expressions
+ Gesture
+ Movement

Session Six: Making It Your Own
+ Personal style
+ Mirror work/mirror exercise
+ Emotional/facial cues
+ Acting

Approximately 1 hour to complete



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