A Heretic's Guide to Conducting:

Rekindling the Lost Art of Interpretation

Part 1: "Noticing"

Join Kevin Noe, Director of Orchestras and Professor of Conducting at the UMKC Conservatory, and the Artistic Director of the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Theatre of Music, for an out of the box and sometimes humorous look at modern conducting.


"A Heretic's Guide to Conducting: Rekindling the Lost Art of Interpretation" with Kevin Noe focuses on helping students develop a powerful and personal relationship with score study. Upon successful completion, students will have a process for making musical decisions that ultimately makes them more calm, confident, and efficient in rehearsals. The initial series is divided into three parts:

Part 1: "Noticing"
Part 2: "Deciding"
Part 3: "Rehearsing"

This course is Part 1: "Noticing"



  • What is Interpretation?
  • What is Score Study?
  • What is Analysis?
  • What is Intuition?
  • What should the role of recordings be in score study?
  • Making the case for truly studying the score.
  • How score study affects everything we do in rehearsal.

The 3 parts of “Noticing”:

  1. Context
  2. Form
  3. Marking

ExampleLooking into Mozart Symphony no. 40

  • A process for “Context” work; looking for things that can be made audible. (What’s in a title?)
  • A process for understanding and marking the basic “Form” of a work.
    • Why form is important and using the Audio Timeliner (aka Bubblizer)
  • A process for doing an initial “Marking”.
    • (Form, phrasing, orchestration, bar numbers, and preparing for decisions)


NEXT... Looking ahead to Part 2 --  the all-important Deciding phase. 
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(Note: Parts 2 & 3 are not included in this version of the course. Additional enrollment required.)



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