The Key to Intonation

Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe

Join Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe, Professor of Choral Music at the University of Southern California, as he explores in detail the importance and pedagogy of consonant use in choral music performance. 

In this course, presenter Dr. Scheibe references many principles of singing, with a focus on consonants, in particular, introduced by notable authors William Vennard, W. Stephen Smith, Willard Zemlin, and Allan Zester Laino.  Calling on his many years of guiding graduate students while maintaining an international conducting career,  Dr. Scheibe presents numerous suggestions for translating these principles of singing into rehearsal techniques and vibrant performances.  He also demonstrates consonant considerations in David Dickau’s I Carry Your Heart With Me by screen sharing his score preparation.

General Course Outline

Session One: The Key to Intonation

Session Two: I Carry Your Heart With Me

Session Three: Music in the Body



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