Fostering Empathy & Critical Discourse
in the Choral Classroom


Dr. Eugene Rogers, Director of Choirs at the University of Michigan, challenges us to consider our own implicit bias, to embrace choral music as a source of activism and change, to create a culture in our rehearsals that fosters empathy and embraces diversity, and to impart important skills to our singers enabling them to be more thoughtful and aware human beings.


Fostering Empathy and Critical Discourse in the Choral Classroom is a presentation that inspires choral conductors to get rid of bias and barriers in choral music education and recognize the ability of choral arts to serve as a platform for advocacy and inclusion.  With due recognition of the Western canon,  Dr. Eugene Rogers challenges us with progress over perfection in pursing a more varied repertoire, conductor preparation, expansive pedagogy, and a diversity of subject matter.  Topics presented include the audition process, the impact of finances on equality of opportunity, and the richness of outcomes when all of the skills in a room are thoughtfully embraced.  Also included in this presentation are additional resources for further study and personal development.

General Course Outline

Session One: Introduction

Session Two: Choral Arts as Activism

Session Three: Fostering Empathy and Embracing Diversity

Session Four: Considering Our Own Implicit Bias

Session Five: Eliminating Racism, Bias, and Barriers

Session Six: Final Thoughts



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