Introduction to Voice Placement:

The Placement of Individual Voices Within Sections of Your Choir


There are many possible choices for seating your choir.  Conductors often consider singer height, voice color, size of voice, reading ability, and social dynamics.  Weston Noble developed a method for placing voices within a section based on sound - - determining what combination and placement of individual singers would help them to compliment one another while creating a cohesiveness of ensemble sound.  

In this course, Dr. Andrew Last details with clarity the principles established by his mentor which he continues to apply to choirs under his direction at Luther College today.  With this approach to voice placement, Dr. Last seeks to preserve the vibrancy of individual voices while pursuing a commitment to the beauty of ensemble sound.  For him, blend is not the result of singers matching one another.  Blend is the result of proper voice placement so that singers compliment one another in sound, pitch security and intonation.  

This course introduces why this method has been successful, how to proceed in applying these principles, and a follow up section with extra considerations for the process from what he has learned.



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